Trademark Use Guidelines

Those who wish to use the “Neural Network Libraries” logo (hereinafter You) may use the logo under the terms below without obtaining a consent otherwise from Sony Group Corporation (hereinafter Sony). Once You use the Neural Network Libraries logo, You are deemed to have agreed to this “Neural Network Libraries” Logo Usage Guidelines.

  1. Subject logotype (hereinafter Neural Network Libraries Logo):
    1. logo1
    2. logo2
    3. logo3
  2. You may use the Neural Network Libraries Logo for the purpose of indicating that you are either using nnabla/Neural Network Libraries or concerned with the same in conjunction with your logo or by Neural Network Libraries Logo alone.
  3. You may use Neural Network Libraries logo in advertising, marketing materials or websites that refer to your relationship with nnabla or Neural Network Libraries.
  4. You acknowledge that Sony has the rights to request you directly or indirectly to cease the use of Neural Network Libraries Logo without cause at any time and You shall be bound by such request.
  5. You shall follow the instructions from Sony should any correction be needed in the usage of Neural Network Libraries Logo.
  6. You shall follow the below in using Neural Network Libraries Logo.
    1. Neural Network Libraries Logo shall be used with fact notation (such as an explanatory words or company names).
    2. Neural Network Libraries Logo should be shown in equal manner (in the displayed size and in the layout) as the other logos/logotypes in order not to stand out stronger or not to be displayed bigger than the other logos/logotypes.
    3. Neural Network Libraries Logo should be used fully in compliance with attached the Neural Network Libraries Name & Logo Guidelines.
    4. You promptly comply with the new guidelines if you notice that the above guidelines have been revised.
  7. Sony makes no warranty of any kind, express or implied, concerning the safety, accuracy, reliability, usefulness, fitness for a particular purpose and legality of Neural Network Libraries Logo. Sony shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of or relating to your use of Neural Network Libraries Logo.