Sony Network Communications (“SNC”) may use the technologies used on this web site (“Web Site”) to automatically collect usage information (“Usage Information”), including Cookies, Web Beacons, and similar information collected by other technologies, for the following purposes.

  • Tailoring your information on this Web Site
  • Improving usability and services for your experience
  • Serving behavioral targeting advertising
  • Analyzing statistics

Usage Information may be associated with device identifiers (“Device Identifier”) to analyze statistics as anonymized information, provide information that may be suitable for you, or service behavioral targeting advertising. SNC may disclose the whole or a part of Usage Information to third parties who SNC outsources to, or has business relationship with in advertising serving.


Through disabling Cookies or similar information (“Web Browsing Information”) collected by other technologies, you can disable to associate Usage Information with Device Identifier, or show recommendation generated through such association. If you choose to disable Web Browsing Information on your device, some features of this Web Site and online offerings may not function properly.


SNC may use Web Beacons to improve this Web Site, or analyze information collected through Web Beacons for marketing or sales purposes. When you read emails distributed by SNC, your personal information (“Personal Email Information”) but not anonymized information is recorded in SNC. If you do not want SNC to record your Personal Email Information, you should unsubscribe email distribution.


SNC may serve behavioral targeting advertising on this Web Site, or affiliate web sites of advertising serving services SNC uses. SNC primarily uses the following advertising serving services. Web Browsing Information SNC disclosed is saved on each server of the following advertising serving services, and is treated subject to terms and conditions of the following advertising serving services. If you want to stop behavioral targeting advertising, you are requested to visit web sites of the following services, and make sure how to stop.